First Oktoberfest

Last Saturday the Moodleys experienced their first Oktoberfest. It’s so much different when you take your baby with you, let me tell you that.

Invited by my friend to her German Meetup group party in Milton Keynes I was looking forward to being part of a tradition. 

I was thinking of dressing as the culture dictates but, as lame excuse as it is, I really didn’t want to spend £1000 for proper Bavarian outfits for the three of us, neither did I want to turn up in some party fetish dress. Luckily, Julia – the host confirmed that it’s ok to dress causally as most guests would anyway. Phew! I hate being a party pooper.

Because the event was starting at 19:00 and Arya is not the calmest baby when strapped in the car seat (no restrictions please) I spent most of the journey time (approximately one hour) singing “5 little ducks” and stroking Arya’s face until she finally fell asleep (yeay!!! Success!!!)… 5 minutes before the arrival to the Inn on the Lake where Oktoberfest was taking place. She woke up right in the middle of all this crowd of strangers so there were “where-am-I-who-are-these-people”  tears. They didn’t last long thought – Strips of Bavarian flags, colourful dyndrls and running children opened her eyes wide and the baby was in a party mode back again.

About 30 minutes of mingling, there came the  food so I jumped into the queue and Sanj entertained the little party animal when suddenly I see Sanj trying to get my attention and I’m reading his lips: “Code brown, code brown”.

I was in such a shock (but why, shouldn’t I expect it since these accidents always happen in the most inconvenient places like at an airport a few minutes before boarding, or parties to which you go without a spare baby outfit because you naively think you won’t need it ) that when Sanj said: “let’s go” – meaning let’s run to the toilet to change her – I sat casually at the table eating my food. 5 minutes later I see my husband at the door looking at me stunned that I’m still sitting while he’s been waiting for me all this time.

I probably won’t describe the massacre in the toilet. I will just mention – all the clothes had to be binned and our baby spent the rest of the party in just a plain body and booties. Being a February spirit the cold is never an issue for her but the outfit was probably not up to her standard so we had to go about 30 minutes after the incident to not to embarrass her any longer.

Great party, great costumes, great food. Till next year.

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