Moodleys Talk

The Moodles dilute milk with water for Arya to not to drink too much of it. Tonight Arya, again, enjoying her milk shot before her goodnight sleep. 

Sanj: Didn’t she drink too much milk today?

Me: We dilute it everyday and today, in total it’s her one full bottle. 

Sanj: But shouldn’t she hold on to the bottle?

Me: Sanj, I really don’t mind that. We grown up constantly hold on to something, so why can’t babies and children if it creates positive feelings? Some people collect stamps, some people smoke, some people eat the same food for breakfast for 20 years…

Sanj: One guy at my school used to bring peanut butter jelly sandwich every day… No, wait. It was me… But this guy was bringing something. The same thing every day…

Yes, I’m sure it was something… And I’m sure it was “some guy”…


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