Arya’s playing with her dad. She’s a shopkeeper:

Sanj is a customer.

Arya: O-oh, Daddy’s coming

Sanj: Hello shopkeeper. Can I have grapes?

Arya: of course.

Sanj: Very good customer service. Can I also have some lemons.

Arya: Yes, daddy.

Sanj: How much do I pay?

Arya: Three Ows 

I guess that’s the currency in Arya’s world because I heard her using this word for money a few times.

Sanj: I’ve got 5 here in money. Give me 2 back in change.

Arya: Goodbye Daddy.

I’m giggling 

Sanj: I’m giving you 5 and I need 2 money back from you.

Arya sorting out the items on her stall: Bye Daddy


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