PhD in Interior Design

For 12 years I’ve been with Sanj, he’s never (NEVER!!!) contributed to the interior design of our humble abodes. And it was good. I think I have done a pretty decent job decorating our house (as a temporary abode) although there’s still canvas left for creativity hear and there. 

And now the balance got disturbed as Sanj got bored during working hours. For a few weeks now we have been delaying the purchase of adhesive Velcro for the coasters to hang on my wall (for various reasons… because there are always more important things in life than ordering an alternative to a nail) but the idea of how I want to hang these coasters with poirtraits by Trechikoff has been there since I got them as a gift from South Africa. 

Once I see something I know how I want it to be styled. I am terrible at making from scratch but when you give me a piece I can compose it into a whole. That’s my gift. Oh and don’t forget about symmetry. That’s the essence of my philosophy just like balance. 

And there, I’m coming home after a long week at work and what I see? Velcro stuck to the wall in the most random places of the wall. 

The speech started: “The whole life Sanj hasn’t make any decisions about what should be where in our house and when the moment comes it’s irreversible unless you strip the whole wallpaper off”. 

He tried. He really tried to take these bloody stickers off but they were coming off even with the third layer of paint from the post-war time. 

So now I ended up with this symmetry-less decor which looks like fridge magnets which some globetrekker brought from the gap year around the world.

It will haunt me forever!


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