I like to think that our family is quite extraordinary. But well, aren’t all of us? Each of us wants to be unique (that’s what makes us the same – I saw this note once and in its irony it’s rather pessimistic I feel).

I, a Pole with a teenager’s soul but striving hard to be a successful wife, mother and businessperson. San-Jay, a South African of Indian decent, the most liked man I know (I would actually like to meet a person who doesn’t like my husband – quite a challenge).

Our daughter, Arya Sofia for whom we were waiting for 7 years (there will be lots on that subject here in this blog) brought peace and balance to our life as well as a new meaning of “tired”.

And Bastian – now 2-year-old made in Chelsea cat. Apparently British Shorthair (I swear, I saw his mother and his brothers – all blue British Shorthair) but seems that his father was a sort of Siberian breed. I got him when he was only 8 weeks old as I desperately needed my motherly instinct to fulfil its purpose. He’s the calmest cat in the world, proud and stubborn (typical Leo) but still very childish.



Bastian looking sad when Moodleys leave on holiday…or just staring at ants
Sanj with Arya and Bastian

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