Moodleys Talk

Sanj: I constantly keep finding human hair on Bastian’s brush.

[This is Bastian by the way


Me with panic in my eyes, knowing where this conversation is going: “What do you mean… Which do you think is Bastian’s brush”.

Sanj: The one in a flower room on the night table. 




First Things First After Christmas

We’re back at home and first things we did were:

* cuddle Bastian – we literally dropped all the bags shouting: “Basty!!” Sanj, probably more happy than he has ever been on seeing me. Bastian jumped on the kitchen table to be petted. Casually, as if unwillingly. Still, he’s not going to show how much he missed us. It’s his minions who missed him. He’s just let us enjoy the moment of uniting with him.

* turned on the heating – no story needed. Practicality is the word.

* opened remaining presents for Arya and Sanj. 


 Huge thanks to all Santas who sent presents for my baby. She will enjoy them I’m sure.

This brings me to the next point:

* I ordered a toy chest. Pronto. Seeing all these toys lying around, Christmas additions scattered on the carpet and some on he sideboard (where they are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE, SAN-JAY)

literally provoked me. No way I will be tripping over a talking dog, a bicycle with eyes or Igle Pigle. 

* sent Sanj to the shop for necessary groceries while I was pacifying Arya. She’s still been sick and not herself so since we arrived she’s never left my arms. 

Oh, and I was greeted by unindentified white spot on my black carpet. Always ask. Always ask. So I did. Sanj explained. A morning after he partied with his mates he was so hangovers that waking up seemed like a chore. Poor Bastian, starving the whole night and day, clever as he is, had to help himself and fished out some chop of a chicken from a pot on a stove and consumed it lavishly on my carpet.

Leave a man alone at home! 

Anyway, Merry Christmas and so happy to see my Bstian at last!

Christmas on Wings

My time in Poland is coming to an end. I spent here three weeks and as much as I enjoyed my holiday I am glad to be flying back home. Yes home. My home is in London. My small house, decorated by us, my sweet little baby kitten – Bastian, our life. 

The sad part is that I never fully felt the Christmas spirit. I know, it comes from within, but the lack of snow, Christmas carols on TV, Home Alone 😁 and Arya having a cold – all that contributed. Nevertheless, it’s been my first Christmas. My first Christmas in total happiness. Light, without the depression, the miserable hope for next year. Light, with wings. 

Yesterday, at Christmas supper, as tradition goes we shared the wafer and said wishes to each other. I realised – I don’t wish for anything this year. Apart from health, all the rest I need to work hard for on my own. All I need- is here with me. I’m strong. I’m complete. The rest will follow out of my happiness.