Life is Not what You See

Does whatever people observe relates to us: 

• follow us like a curse or a magic spell once spoken and 

– although we realise it has been true we will never be able to turn it around because it’s inflicted upon us with the power of always powerful words

– Or, brought up in a “don’t say it or you jinx it” culture we think we are doomed and we “decide” that from now on we will be what we were “doomed ” to be, JUST TO FOLLOW

• is just a reinforcement of who we are and what happens around us happens irrespective of what they say because they just observe a fact about us

• gets imprinted in our minds and from the moment the spell was cast on we are programmed to do as it was said.

Irrespective of how many algorithms your mind create you must realise that

 life is what happens in your mind and soul it is…  
Life is not what you see and since it’s not, and I’m a very visual person and take pleasure from what I see, I therefore dream and it’s amazing…


My Relationship with Pink

Many of you already know very well my strong feelings about baby pink. Even before Arya was born I refused to buy and dress her into anything pink. Main reason for this is that it makes me cringe how the world labels you when you’re straight out of the oven. A fresh bun must know instantly her/his place – you’re either blue or pink, you’re a boy or a girl. From now on you will operate within these cathegories but don’t worry. There’s more. This is just an introductory package. With days, months, years there will be a label of your nationality, your background, your culture, your religion, your school, your occupation, etc etc etc.

My resentment towards pink has been somewhat a protest against these conventions. So much that I actually believed that I hate this colour. But guess what. I don’t.

I have a huge crash on salmon pink and blush pink.


I even get to like baby pink. What matters though is how the shade is used.

I would say no to this one.

And yes to this one.

And this one

is a definite NO.
So this huge pilava about pink is now forever explained. We do not hate pink. We hate labels.