Are You a Good Mum feeding Your Baby Good Food?

Do you feed your toddler healthily?

I’m very much into healthy eating but I think this obsession is going much too far. One thing everyone needs to understand – very often (for example in children’s case as well as pregnant women) it’s hormones who dictate and “force” us into what we choose to eat. There are children who eat a lot at some point of their lives because their growth spurt is different than those who don’t feel the need to eat so much. As long as it’s all monitored and looked at together with burning calories through healthy activities like sport, don’t eat junk food or sweets everyday, it’s all good, I think.Now let’s look at pregnant women- for goodness sake – it is so overwhelming “eat this don’t eat that” eat healthily if you care for your baby. Do these people who give this amazing advice know what craving is? My sister was throwing up whenever she even smelled any food and the only thing she could eat was toffee sweeties. Bad mother. Horrible mother!!! When I was breastfeeding the only thing I could eat was chocolate (and I am not a chocolate fan). I stopped caring for these over exaggerated warnings and instructions. Fed up

Again – life is balance


Mirror Mirror …

It’s been a while since I last spoke. A broken mirror cast a spellon the Moodleys house. 

My pocket mirror got stuck to the magnet of the phone cover and slid off on the pavement leaving a large crack on its surface. That happen approximately 10 days ago and on the same day I got good news – a new job. Good luck then. Since then all went well – my usual health problem kicked in which is still ongoing. At work things went pear shape leaving my managee stressed and uncertain about the future (yes, of course I feel responsible). 

And then my baby went through the second bout of cold. No symptoms of illness apart from the highest temperature she’s ever had. 

It’s been a nightmare – logistically, physically but most importantly emotionally. 5 days on and one visit to the GP and no improvement so the phase of antibiotics. 

And today… I caught it from Arya too.

Bring on more mirror mirror cracked mirror… Not!

Skin on skin to decrease temperature before nurofen kicks in.

Number One Rule in Gym

Sanj trying on his new gym clothes (he’s starting his regime this month): “You can’t look like an idiot in a gym, you know. That’s like number one faux pax”.

After approximately 30 seconds I can hear Sanj speaking to himself while taking of the trousers he just put on: “I guess it would help if I was putting them right side on”.

Number one…