The Reason to Not Sleep

Sanj is away traveling for business and I’m with a baby and a toddler running around trying to cope with the chaos.

Yesterday evening, I’m trying to put Arya to sleep. She’s currently sleeping in my room (we moved her bed in) so that I don’t run between two kids.

When it takes long I ask: Please Arya, let me go to have some rest.

Arya: But you can stay and rest on your bed.

Me: Arya, please sleep.

Arya: But I’m terrifiting.

Is that how you spell it?


Philosophical Conversations – Moodleys Talk

Me: I’m scared that I don’t speak to Arya in Polish because I don’t want to connect with my past me.

Sanj: I’m scared that because I don’t have any connection to my culture Arya will not have any, she will be like a floating child. That’s why I’m happy you speak to her in Polish sometimes

Me: What do you mean “floating child”.

Sanj: Speaking about floating child, wears running out of toilet paper

Moodleys Talk

In a furniture store, Sanj sees this:

And says:

– what’s this? Oh it’s a safe…

Hey, you should have it and keep your phone in it so you won’t be like: “Where’s my phone”.

Silence. Sanj thinking. And then comes:

– oh no, it won’t work because if you get it you will then say: “San-Jay where is the box where I keep my phone”.