On my Relationship with Art

When I study art – I either see the artist or the subject, never the two related… 
Very likely I would see both if I knew the artist.

If I know the artist and see only one of the two… Will I ever know the artist whose work and subject I will see as combined?


Quality Time with Daddy

San-Jay to Arya:

-Arya, daddy will draw you a butterfly.

The blue crayon swishing across the pink paper. Sanj is in his element.

I’m peeping. This appears in front of my eyes:

I swear to Batman, a little pee came out when I saw this. And even more when I realised, while Sanj was colouring the “butterfly” he still believed, deep in his heart, that the drawing depicted a perfect butterfly.

I wanna conclude this post with this sentence: “The world is not what it is, the world is what you think it is”.