Do You Consider This Annoying? 

Is it normal to be annoyed with your husbands so much that the punishment ideas just queue in your head. And not because or when your period is coming.

My mother used to put laxatives in his dinner the next day he came home too late (and basically had more fun out than her in stuck, with two hormonal teenage girls).

I literally had to use all my self-control powers today to not wipe my husband’s mug with Arya’s soiled wipe. And not for any particular reason. Basically for the whole 10 years of annoyance.

I’m a horrible wife but I promised nothing.


Put The Toys Back after You Play

This is how our room looks like after Sanj finishes playing with Arya and goes away to do something else.  

Well, not really. That’s how it looks in the middle of ME cleaning up. I come to the room after they left and I flip. WTF.

And just now, Sanj decided to cook and threw all the toys in the middle of the carpet. I flipped. Started tuning this song from Chicago: “He had it coming”. 

He came into my knife three times 🎤🎤

NO! – I screamed. Every time you finish playing with Arya I end up picking up toys like some not-cute minion!

Sanj freezes. I continue my rant for approximately 3 more minutes and conclude with: “Pick the toys NOW”.

Sanj, confused:

– Are you talking to me or Arya?

I’ll let him figure out this one himself…