Philosophical Conversations – Moodleys Talk

Me: I’m scared that I don’t speak to Arya in Polish because I don’t want to connect with my past me.

Sanj: I’m scared that because I don’t have any connection to my culture Arya will not have any, she will be like a floating child. That’s why I’m happy you speak to her in Polish sometimes

Me: What do you mean “floating child”.

Sanj: Speaking about floating child, wears running out of toilet paper


Finding Dory

For some reason Arya for months now has been a big fan of Nemo and Dory without even seeing a single frame of either of the animations. She has her Finding Nemo treasure book with the characters and plays with them every day.

Come Saturday, the Moodleys plan is to watch a movie together (symulatig cinema with popcorn and large Coke) while Arya sleeps. Yesterday afternoon while browsing Sky store we noticed there’s Finding Dory. BLOODY £5.45 it was for later and a crappy programme for us during the afternoon nap. 

In the evening after Arya’s dinner I put Arya next to me and Sanj put the movie on. 

The reaction was priceless. The first scene with little Dory and Arya’s face lit up. She covered her mouth with excitement like a celebrity on hearing her name at the announcement of the winner of the best actress Oscar Award. I have never seen this reaction before. She smiled every time little Dory was on and stayed tuned throughout the whole movie (another new thing in the world of our hummingbird). I watched all emotions coming out of this little soul. Happiness, worry, fear, surprise, excitement… 

It was amazing. It was amazing that our baby matures emotionally, connects with characters and feels for them. 

Milestone… this one’s huge.

First Night Lonely Sleeper

Arya slept in her own bed, on her own for the whole night. Not a single wake-up in between until 7:15. So I guess it’s another milestone for us, for me rather than for Arya as she probably doesn’t give a squat unless she gets milk once she’s up. 

It’s one of those “happen when ready” moments again – for all this time I was simply not prepared to let my baby lie stranded in a big bed with no one beside her, checking if she’s breathing. The thought of sleeping snug with my husband while my poor daughter is out there, in another room with no one beside her. No one wants to sleep alone. Right… 

But last night, we just put Arya to HER bed, (it took a while because this girl refuses to sleep) and returned to the sleeping arrangement from the time before Arya was born. Husband and wife reunited. And survived. 

This is another era ending. I remember each milestone and having to let go. Very likely have been doing all this completely off the book and later than any other parent but I-DO-NOT-CARE! “Ready” is the magic word. Remember that!

First Aid Course

  It’s been almost 10 months and only yesterday I attended a First Aid course. Thankfully, Arya has been protected by some energy and apart from a few falls on her bum and bumps on the head she has been all right. Nevertheless, the course was a must and I managed to organise one with Daisy First Aid trainer at the house of one our Meetup mums. 

As it was Sunday, I preferred Arya to spend time with Sanj while I devote my whole learning ability to the training. Otherwise I would have probably ended up running around with Arya instead of cracking imaginary ribs of the dummies. It’s always the case – all other babies sit still or sleep and mine is all over the place. You name the most bizarre and the least obtainable place – Arya has already been there. Yes, I’m exaggerating (slightly) but you know what I’m trying to say.

I won’t lie – a few scenarios raised my pulse to such a rate that I thought they would be practicing resuscitation on me. I made it though and I feel so much more confident. This is the only course in my life that I wish I will never have to refer to. NEVER!

So my Sunday was a bit gloomy but beneficial gloomy, I could say. Right after that I rushed for my spray tan appointment because (whoop whoop) a big evening is coming in a few hours – The British Fashion Awards.